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TinyMCE not using my CSS on posts v3.2

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Mar 13, 2016 at 3:30 AM
I am having some issues with the tinyMCE styling. I'm building a site for my sister-in-law who knows nothing about HTML/CSS she's a sommelier in NYC and the furthest thing from a techie. I decided to build her site in so that she's not calling me every night with an update or opinion on how something looks.

My issue with TinyMCE is none of my posts are using the assigned font style from my CSS. The site layout looks great, everything is working except these published posts, for example blockquote is grey.. and my style is gold. The line-heights are completely different, font-weights and font sizes.

I know only pieces of my CSS are working in the posts which were hard coded into BE controls and page layouts, positioning elements and adding a css class to the elements here and there, Just nothing written from within that editor is using MY CSS when its published out. If I typed out some static text from within a control or comment, the CSS is applied. But that kind of defeats the purpose of using BE.

I pre-built the website in static form, with BE in mind and I know my CSS is solid, I can even copy the view-source and put it in a static used library on my Dreamweaver and everything looks good there! Just it seems in BE is doing its own thing.
Anyone have any ideas?

Found also this thread but it seemed closed.
Mar 13, 2016 at 3:55 AM
Text editor not applying your theme styles, so whatever you see in the editor can be overwritten by your theme.