Blog Engine loads slowly after every publish

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Feb 13 at 2:20 PM
Every time I publish blog engine changes, the first load is really slow.. It takes a lot of time loading extensions and filling posts.. How can I improve the speed of the first load after publishing?

I had noticed it took almost 20s to select top 10 posts in the SQL management studio, which helped me realize that I was embedding images in my posts, which I have stopped now. But after resetting the DB, still the initial load is slow with only one post to load.

Please help me out here, as this is the single problem holding me back from making the blogs go live.

Feb 17 at 5:22 AM
Edited Feb 22 at 4:13 AM
Hey Adit,

It's difficult to provide much help without knowing the specifics of how your server is configured.

I run my blog app on a AWS t2 micro instance (Windows Server 2016) although I use an XML datastore. The blog app doesn't have any performance issues at all, and I'm a fairly heavy user of images with over 300 blog posts.

I just tested out my own blog with some multi MB image files and didn't see any noticeable performance problems. Even so, I would suggest paying close attention to your image sizes - always resize to about 550-600 pixels wide before uploading them. FastStone Image Viewer is an excellent (free!) tool for doing that on Windows clients.

EDIT: I noticed some other posts on the GitHub issues page where the BlogRoll widget was being blamed for performance issues, although the problem could not be reproduced by others.

All the best,