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BE theme images not loading in IIS7.5

Aug 27, 2009 at 11:56 PM


I recently upgraded my blog from v1.4.5 to v1.5.0.7 running on Vista \ IIS 7.0 with no problems.

But then I upgraded Vista to Windows 7 and attempted to get it my blog up and running on IIS 7.5. However now none of the images within my custom theme load. According to fiddler they are all requested correctly but BE returns a zero-length file with a HTTP 200 return code.

If I log in and go to the settings page, there is no stylesheet at all.

Where am I going wrong here. All I've done is

  1. Create a new website called blog.local
  2. set the app pool to classic mode 
  3. set the app_data folder to be accessible to the network service  account

Any thoughts?