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new entries are not shown, if entries are added from another domain.

Topics: ASP.NET 2.0
Sep 14, 2009 at 12:57 AM


i have setup two blogengine applications. one is the admin on my local machine!

and i have another one setup on the server used as the main blog.

i use sql server for data.

I can't forget about all what i have done and reinstall a fresh blogengine, because i have really heavily customized my own version. (changed dates for persian, completely changed the way theming works, and used my own theme and layout and many many changes to everything!)

the connection string in the admin application on my local machine points to the data server.

it was working very well when i was developing , using a virtual machine server for test, (the two were already separate), but now that i have uploaded the main blog application to the server, i can't use it.

the very first entry which was saved to sql database using the script was shown correctly. but any entry i add using the admin application is not shown in the main blog application!

i already have implemented a refresher thing that reloads all data, that is not the problem.

i used trace logging to find out what causes entried not be shown. this is where the problem is, in postlist.aspx.cs inside bindposts:


if (Posts == null || Posts.Count == 0)
            hlPrev.Visible = false;
        List<IPublishable> visiblePosts = Posts.FindAll(delegate(IPublishable p) { return p.IsVisible; });

        if (Posts == null || visiblePosts.Count == 0)
            hlPrev.Visible = false;
            hlNext.Visible = false;

code passes the first "if" correctly. but not the second. the reason is simply because the isvisible property of posts are not true!!
i could not find out why!
the value is correctly set to true in database.
everything else is set correctly for the post, just not the ispublished.
the original post was the only post visible! (the first post inserted by the setup script)
i could see the posts in the local admin server in an non-authenticated browser also. it's not related to authentication. i tested ispublished separately. this is the property
that is false, even thought it is correctly set to true in the database.

I'm working on it to see if value is correctly retrieved from db or not. but thought i should ask here first, maybe someone knows why is it like this...
save me please!
Sep 14, 2009 at 2:18 AM


the problem was ispublished was considering the pulication date, and there was differences between server and local host times.

could be funny if it hadn't taken so long!