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Security and Permissions

Oct 12, 2009 at 6:13 PM

Hello BlogEngine.NET community.  I'm new to this resource and have had some experience of .net but I am not an expert and I  am really struggling.  I would like to stop the general public from accessing my blog and restrict it to administrators and editors only for reasons of confidentiality.  I have been looking online for a solution to this with the latest release 1.5 to no avail.  I have tried to upload an index.aspx page and use this as a front end linked to an MS Access database.  This does work but when I enter the blog and login to settings and then click to return to the front page it returns me to index.aspx and not default.aspx.  Please help.  From what I've seen so far this is a wonderful resource and would benefit my and my colleagues learners greatly.  Thanks.