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MS-SQL, BlogEngine and Yetanotherfourm

Nov 24, 2009 at 4:48 AM
Edited Nov 24, 2009 at 5:27 AM

Hi all,

I've been reading for a few hours now and I'm kind of lost. I am not an expert in .NET by any means and know HTML pretty well but, not much more than that on web development. I need to create a blog and BE looks perfect in every way (Great job !!!!!). I also want to have a fourm on the backbone to generate more interest in the site.

As yetanotherfourm was created in ASP.NET and can use a MSSQL database (that my hosting provider offers), I figure they might work in harmony but, I'm finding out it's not as easy as I thought it might be. About all I can find is people having problems setting it up.

This is what I want, I want the homepage to be the blog, then links to the fourm and share logon IDs/Passwords between both. I also would like if I create new blog post that it could create a new post in one of the fourms (I guess I could manually create it but, need to be able link it and give status of posts/comments). I would love for them to be almost seamless together, so any discussion about a blog post would go to the fourm.

I figured I would put the BE files in the root of the webserver(giving me a homepage) and the forum in a "forum" folder. Most of the directions for basic setup look pretty strait forward.

The questions I have.

1. Can BE and YAF live like I want them to ? Has anyone else done this before ? Any FAQ or directions for the best method to do this for a semi-noob ?

2. Does anything else need to be done to the database to make this happen ? (I am assuming that I will only need one database for this)

3. Will they be semi-seamless if I do this, sharing the same database, etc ?

I would LOVE to use this combo for other sites as well, I really need help with the basics on this setup.

Thank you for any help anyone can give !!!!



Nov 24, 2009 at 3:32 PM

1. Yes. I have it on

2. Sadly there is no FAQ or easy directions to do this. The only hint I can give is you need membership installed (for the shared user names etc). I know Dave Burke has an open source project that is trying to mesh 4 really good applications into a community site (BlogEngine, GalleryServerPro, YetAnotherForum and ScrewTurn  wiki). You might want to check that out if you are looking for easy

3. One database is just fine. YetAnotherForum uses the prefix 'yaf_' for it's table names and BlogEngine uses 'be_'.

It is entirely seamless, although there are catches. That's why I suggest Dave's route (since he did the hard parts of the integration already). I have integrated the three applications myself and even still have minor issues that I am always hammering out on the YetAnotherForum install.

Hope that helps!

Nov 24, 2009 at 7:25 PM

Thank you !!!!   Sweetie looks nice but, it's got a some stuff that I have no plans on using.

Under reading for many more hours, I'm finding in a nutshell, with the newest versions of both apps. I need to setup the folders (BE in root and YAF in a folder), copy all bin files to the root bin, combine the web.config(in the root folder) and add in the ASP.NET membership(and machinekey) to web.config(much more but, this is the basics). Set both apps up for MS SQL and add the correct server data into the web.config.

Do I still need to recompile the applications ? (not understanding why I need to do this but, I noticed it listed for older versions back in 07/08).

What am I missing ? Or if the web.config is setup correctly, it should just work ?

This is a new subdomain, nothing on it, with a MS SQL DB all setup ready to go...

Jun 2, 2010 at 4:20 AM

You shouldn't need to recompile anything from what I remember doing. Then again when I build everything I have it all linked as one large web application project. As long as all of the DLLs are in the ~/bin directory and the web.config is properly merged then you should be fine. It has been in my experience that merging the web.config is the worst part of the whole experience.