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RSS 2.0 Setting

Topics: Business Logic Layer
Dec 11, 2009 at 1:39 AM

I have downloaded and installed the final 1.5 version, and it appears that the RSS 2.0 feed is not working.  If you log in on a fresh install, select the settings tab, and change or set the Default Feed Output to RSS 2.0 and hit Save Settings, then navigate to http://mysite/syndication.axd, the feed will not appear in rss format, it seems "stuck" as an atom feed. If you look through the Issue Tracker, it would appear that other people are seeing this behavior when they try to use blog readers to attach to their site.  Are we doing something wrong to get RSS output, or is it a bug?


Dec 11, 2009 at 6:11 PM

The RSS/Atom feeds are using caching headers to tell the browser whether any new data (i.e. posts) are on the site since the last time the person retrieved the feed.  This is to lighten up the load on the server so it doesn't need to keep unnecessarily re-creating and re-sending the same feed to the same person (or RSS reader).

If you were looking at the RSS feed before changing the Setting from RSS to Atom, and then you pull up the feed again (syndication.axd), you'll most likely get the same data as before since your browser is pulling the feed from its cache.

While you are on the syndication.axd page, if you do a no-cache refresh (usually Ctrl-F5), then you should get the latest content (the cache is ignored).  It should then be the Atom feed.  I just tested this, and this worked for me.