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Inserting Silverlight Video From Azure

Jan 31, 2010 at 8:48 AM

I came across a really useful tutorial yesterday explaining all of the necessary steps on how to insert a silverlight video which is hosted on Azure.

There are four posts explaining the following:

  1. Provisioning Windows Azure – how to sign up for and set up a Windows Azure subscription.
  2. Setting up Windows Azure for video storage – how to create a storage account.
  3. Creating and publishing a Silverlight video to Windows Azure – how to use Expression Encoder to encode and publish a video to Windows Azure.
  4. Embedding a Silverlight video in a bloghow to use Windows Live Writer to embed a Silverlight video hosted on Windows Azure in your blog.

The top-level post is Hosting Videos on Windows Azure

I went through the steps yesterday and included three videos in our blog...the steps outlined in the posting were flawless.  One tip...change the default setting in Cloud Berry (explained in one of the links) to fix the firefox player issue...but also change the setting for 'autorun' to false if you do not want the video to automatically start on load.  Big thanks to David Sayed for the information!  Here are links to our three videos if anyone wants to review them in a BE environment:

Video #1 ¦ Video #2 ¦ Video #3