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Widgets in Controls (sidebar)

Topics: Controls, Themes
Feb 1, 2010 at 1:51 AM


I have been trying all day to get the Widgets to work on a new theme I am trying to create...

I have modeled it ater iTheme and i3Theme... love the 3 column look...

My problem is that if I try to modify either of the controls which make up the left or right panels.  I used the example in your video as well as the already written code for each of these items...

<!--sidebox start -->

<div id="MostRecent" class="dbx-box widget_mostrecent">

<h3 class="dbx-handle">

Most Recent</h3>

<div class="dbx-content">

<blog:MostRecent ID="MostRecent1" runat="Server" />


This was one I tried to add.  The error throws on the <blog:MostRecent ID="MostRecent1" runat="Server" />... I have tried everything but can not get any of the Widget to work.

What I missing in writing this code?

Thanks in advance