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Setting a new first page

Feb 3, 2010 at 3:13 PM

I followed the discussion in this post about setting a different homepage but i've run into a problem -

There are two ways i've attempted this, both using a custom ASPX page that inherits the blogbasepage. Both have their own problems.

1. Replacing the Default.aspx page with my custom page. This allows the site to open up on my hompage (rather than the BE default). Almost everything works fine apart from the catagories list which instead of listing the posts from the month of February just takes me back to the home page (you can see what I mean at )

2. Calling my homepage Index.aspx and keeping the BE default.aspx. Everything 'works' but appart from the website opens on the BE default.aspx if the full path is not used (ie, without index.aspx).This is obviously pointless as i'm trying to make the website open up on the magazine style frontpage.

Am I missing something? Is there an easy way around this? Any idea's would be greatly appreciated.






Feb 6, 2010 at 12:00 AM

Hi Flutterfly,

 I was wondering how you faired with this? Checking your site it looks like you went with Option 1?

I'm doing something similar on a local development machine for our hobby site:

I've implemented Al Nyveldt's, PageStyle to display Recent Posts & Latest Post - like it appears that you have.

I need some fixed content also (like your twitter updates div) - could you post a snippet of your default.aspx to see how you are achieving this?

I've merged my master.cs into the default.aspx, and set the various items to display - but i'm getting error:

"Content controls have to be top-level controls in a content page or a nested master page that references a master page" - I must need to register some controls etc. for the Appcode/Controls?



Feb 12, 2010 at 11:21 PM
Edited Feb 12, 2010 at 11:22 PM

You can use IIS to set an alternative start page other than default.aspx.

In IIS go to your website's properties. 

In there go to the documents tab

Add your index.aspx and move it to the top so it take first priority

Hope this helps

Feb 16, 2010 at 11:36 AM

Hi Tomax - sorry for the late reply.

All I have done for the homepage is to hard code the HTML within the <div id="content"> tag on the blogengine default page. I removed all the existing code (if there was any, I cannot remember now) so I guess this is why the page doesn't show up the month or category posts when you click the link.

The twitter div is just the standard one you can get off the twitter website - again all hard coded into the default page so i'm not using any widgets or anything here.


Sidly - I guess that would work but unfortunately i'm on shared hosting and I don't think I can change the IIS settings like there a way to change this in the config file maybe or some other route?