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Topics: ASP.NET 2.0
Feb 8, 2010 at 12:47 PM

I need some:

I'm on a Microsoft shared Business package at 1and1. They say only dedicated servers have ISS admin. Further, they do not support (will not make changes) for ISS on shared packages. However, I can do some admin from the web server itself. For example, I can put a default.aspx file in root to redirect responses, and change security permissions on my directories and files. Is using possible or reasonable for me?

My BE app /home/ links point to blog/ but not to blog/default.aspx. As a result I get an error. No ISS admin available to designate default pages. How can I do it manually?

Finally, I have IIS7 installed on Vista Ultimate, along with express (which includes VS express), and SQL Server Express. 1and1 said to use MSSQL I needed a dedicated MSSQL server. Why am I not surprised. My question is, how do you (practically) edit files at home without breaking files on the server? I tried using MS Expression Web, and after making just a few changes on the web, Expression uploaded nearly the whole BE application.

If you check my website, you can see I'm adept with CSS, but fresh into and master pages. The BE docs do not offer much in the way of explaining its architecture. As with any blog or forum software, this thing is just (touchy) anyway. Anyone know of documentation that covers the application in more depth?

Overall, this looks like a pretty nice app. Hope it can work for me.