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Feb 10, 2010 at 11:53 PM

Hi all, I guess this is going to sound really dumb to many of the experienced guys on here.... but here goes.

Have installed Blogengine 1.6 to place an existing blog on a new site I am setting up and have got the following questions.

1. I have integrated with existing site and got the theme to match apart from being unable to change the post header colour and post footer text and colour? If someone could point me to what this is under in the CSS would be grateful as have tried just about every tag!

2. I am sure when first installed there was the option to Print, Email and Subscribe via RSS in the footer, but these options are no longer there... again if someone could point me in the right direction.

3. On the subject of RSS I have set up correctly with my feedburner info in the control panel but when clicking the RSS subscribe link in the banner I get an erro "You must provide a feed uri Error 400" message.

4. I wanted to set up social bookmarking re the Danny Dourglass article but the link and site is down. Can anyone point me to another source for these instructions.

Thanks a lot in advance... this is a quantum leap from my usual html playing!

Feb 12, 2010 at 7:59 AM

In the themes folder (themes\your-theme-name), there's a file named PostView.ascx.  This is the markup that gets displayed for each post.  Here's what the PostView.ascx file looks like for the Standard theme.

Your PostView.ascx file is probably different since you've been modifying it.  In that file at the bottom, you can add links for Print, Email, Subscribe, etc (there's already a couple in there -- DotNetKicks, Permalink.

In the same PostView.ascx file is where you can probably find the CSS classes that are being applied to the various HTML elements for each post ... like the <h1> tag, etc.  You can change the CSS classes there, and/or modify the style.css file which is also in the same themes folder.

What field did you enter the Feedburner info into?  The "Alternate Feed URL" box?  Is that error message from the blog, or from Feedburner?  What is the URL in the address bar when you see that Error 400 message?

Not sure about social bookmarking...

Feb 12, 2010 at 7:09 PM

Hi BenAmada.

Thanks for the post. Was the inspiration I needed I think!

1. Found the h1 tag (!) so have been able to resolve that.

2. Found the PostView.ascx file and was able to work out how to get some addtional bits in there so thats cool.(RSS,  email etc)

3. Oh and the RSS... that was me trying to do several things at once... on checking was just a typo in the admin screen! Now works ok.

4. So three out of four solved. Re the social bookmarking though I guess I just wanted to add the ability to tweet posts and facebook support. I think I can add them in the PostView with the RSS etc. If anyone can point me in the direction it would be appreciated!