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Upgraded to 1.6 - had a few problems

Feb 20, 2010 at 12:17 PM

And it was very smooth, however I once again stumbled upon the problem with BE.NET not properly reloading e.g. settings.

I made a backup of web.config, app_data and my custom themes and widgets as usual, uploaded the new version and fired it up.

All good, except the settings file had, of course, been overwritten.

No problem, I just upload the old one, the same with my users.xml and my widget zone definition.

It didn't work.

The reason for this, I suspect is that BE.NET loads these things on application_start and not session_start. Or even better, when needed.

The way I forced it to reload was uploading web.config again. This forces (fortunately) IIS to restart the application.

It is a bother though, that this is necessary. I would love to be able to just upload e.g. settings.xml and have BE.NET use it on the next browser refresh, instead of waiting for IIS to restart the application.

So, this is my wish for the next upgrade to BE.NET, make the loading and reloading of especially settings much more dynamic.

The same problem goes for posts, but that is another can of fish.