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Add Entry

Creating new posts is very easy and fast.


If there are multiple authors registered on the blog, you can choose which author to write as from the dropdown list. It automatically selects the author that is logged in, so this is more suitable for editing existing posts.


The date is set by default to the date and time of the moment you start writing the post. You can change both the date and time in the text field following this pattern: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm.


The big content field is where you type in the content or body of the post. You can use the toolbar to format the text much in the same way as Microsoft Word.

Upload image

If you want to add an image from your disk, you can upload it by first selecting the file and then pressing the Upload button. The image will be appended to the bottom of the content field. Images and files are stored in the site as an resource.

Upload file

If you want to add a file for your visitors to download, you can upload it by first selecting the file form your hard drive and the pressing the Upload button. After upload, the download link is added to the bottom of the content field. Images and files are stored in the site as an resource.

Slug (optional)

If entered, this is the page url that will be used for the page. For example, if "My-First-Post" is entered into the text box, the url for the page will be http://myblog/My-First-Post.aspx. You can click the "extract from title" link to generate the slug from what was entered into the title textbox. It will replace spaces with dashes. For example, if you entered "My First Post" into the title textbox, "My-First-Post" will be generated. Be careful when changing the slug, as it will change the url of the page - if any external pages link to your blog page, they will no longer work.


The description field is used in two places; in the meta-description tag and in the related post control beneath each post. It is recommended that you fill out this field, but it isn’t mandatory.


You can add a new category by typing the name into the text field and press the Add button. If you just want to select existing categories, you can check one or more of the check boxes.


Tags are a more granular categorization than categories are. Where categories are used to organize posts, tags are words that are used to describe the content. The tags are used as meta-keywords, displayed on the post and added to the tag cloud widget.


If the Enable comments check box isn’t checked, no one can add a comment to the post. In case you are not ready to make the post public, you can uncheck the Publish check box. Then it will only be logged in users that can see the post. When you are ready to publish it, you simple check the check box and press the Save post button.

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tsamuels Mar 29, 2013 at 9:06 PM 
I can't see where to add a new post. For example I can't see the big content field as mentioned above. Any ideas? I'm logged in as admin.

devgourav Feb 20, 2012 at 2:27 PM 
when i delete a entry(post) then by default it redirect on default page can i change the default location not by web.config file b/c i am integrate blog in our site so i want set my default page is sitedefault page through web.config file

Shadow5 Nov 1, 2011 at 5:12 PM 
every time i try and upload a file/video/image, it does nothing. it doesnt add the files or even acknowledge i tried to upload them. anyone else aving this problem?

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bulgarianmanager Dec 10, 2010 at 11:55 AM 
I had the a small problem today. I wrote an article and before I could start revising I accidentally closed the browser. Is there a feature, that pop ups and asks if you want to save it?