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A blogroll is a list of other blogs you read and want to share with your visitors. BlogEngine.NET provides you with the unique feature of automatically retrieving the latest posts from the blogs on the blogroll and displays them on the widget. This will let your visitors get a more detailed view on what the different blogs are about before clicking on the link. This feature can be turned on and off on the admin page.


The settings control the display of the auto-retrieved blog posts.

Number of displayed items

This setting determines how many blog posts should be displayed under each post on the blog roll. If you choose zero, then you automatically turn of the auto-retrieval feature.

Max length of items

The max length is the number of characters to display of each post title. If a post title is longer than the max length, it gets shortened and three points is added at the end of the title.

Update frequency

Here you specify the interval for when the blogroll will retrieve new blog posts from the blogs on the blogroll. It is specified in minutes. If some of the blogs on the blogroll gets updated very frequently, then you want to set the number low. If they don’t get updated that often you set it high.

Add Blog

The blogroll admin page is used to configure the blogroll widget on the main page and here you can set up the different blogs that you want on the blogroll. To add a blog you have to fill in the different form fields. The XFN tags are not mandatory to use. After you have filled in the information, click the Add Blog button.

When a new blog is added, the main page widget is updated accordingly but it takes a few seconds to retrieve the posts of the blog. Just hit F5 in the browser a few times and they will show up.


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RSS url

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XFN tag

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Blog List

The list shows you the Blogs already listed on the widget. The name is hyperlinked to the actual website and the description follows.

Delete BlogRoll

In the list of blogs you can hit the Delete link. It asks you to confirm the deleting before the blog will be deleted. After deletion, the widget reconfigures accordingly.

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Hello, where exactly is the blogroll admin page? I'm running 2.3