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The referrer log admin page contains a list of all referrers coming from other websites for the past seven days. Whenever another website has a hyperlink pointing to your blog and someone follows it, the referring page will get listed. That way you can keep track of who links to you.

The log only keeps records of the last seven days to avoid using too much disk space. If you want a more detailed referral analysis, it is recommended that you use third-party tools such as Google Analytics or StatCounter.

Enable the log

By default, the referrer log is turned off. You turn it on by checking the checkbox in the top of the Referrers admin page. After it has been turned on, it doesn’t show any data. That is because no referrer data has been collected yet, but after a little while (depending on the popularity of your blog) the referrers start to appear on the list.

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jamesnr Jun 27, 2009 at 10:27 AM 
I have version 1.4.5 loaded at the moment and not using a database. I have noticed that the referres do not clear or reset after seven days as described above but the list just keeps growing. Is there a problem with this release and if not a way I can check that the data is cleared because I have been watching for a few weeks and the list just keeps growing. Also apologies if I shouldn't leave a question here, it just seems logical and no where else to do so. Many thanks!