tags are not saving no matter what i do

I started using 3.1 and everything is fine www.gosam.info, except tags are not working I tried multiple combinations like setting, slug, removing from category but nothing is able to help save me t...

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PostPager canonical page=1 fix

Recent change to PostPager may benefit from further tweak. When a paged tag list is entered on it's first page the URL looks something like this /?tag=/sometag With the fix applied when paging ba...

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Major Memory Leak

My blog is about 80 posts 1.9 mb total xml size. The web app keeps growing to 1000 MB+, I now use iis recycling options to recycle it when 700mb is reached, but this is not ideal. I decided to i...

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Change password/creating user accounts not working with SQL Server

Local install of vers 3.1 (running through VS 2013) , connecting to MS-SQL 2008 R2. Followed the instructions ( setup\SQLServer\ReadMe.txt) -- created blank db -- Ran the CREATE scripts ... set...

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Upgrade from 2.8 to 3.1 - blank page after running from visual studio

I upgraded db with script MSSQLUpgradeFrom2.8to3.0.sql, run SortOrderUpdate.sql. But when I debug BE from visual studio I can see blank page instead of posts list of my blog. I use my real database...

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Blog engine URL error

I want rewrite url because my blog contains some strange code after /blog like this www.abc.com/blog#.VGu54trf like this i want to remove it or rewrite url please help. thanks ayaz

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Its showing error another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated.

I created a foldar with name blog and copied all files of BlogEngine in a subfolder. www.abc.com/blog/ . then as i trying to run the blog its showing the error " Server Error in '/' A...

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503 Error with Host4ASP.NET BlogEngine.NET Site

I purchased a plan at Host4ASP.NET and installed Blogengine.net using their control panel. However, there is a 503 error in my site. What should I do to remove this issue.

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Add Unique constraint in db to be_Settings.SettingName

I accidentally ran the db script twice - and spent the next hour or so trying to figure out what I broke. It turns out there is no unique constraint on be_Rights.RightName be_Settings.SettingN...

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Cannot add a page to a BE site hosted on Azure websites

I have moved our BE 3.x from a locally hosted VM to run on an Azure website against an Azure SQL DB. Our BE install supports multiple blogs using I have a problem that I cannot create new...

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