Missing Users from Dashboard!? After 3.3.5

Hi, Recently upgraded to 3.3.5. I did so from the source files as i have a few custom extensions. However, since the upgrade i'm missing users from Dashboard. Please help.

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V3.3 Unable to edit roles in user profile

The only way to access user roles is when creating a new account, unable to access during edit. Workaround - remarked out isNewItem conditional on line 28 of userView.html as follows: <!-- BillKr...

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Custom Post Field Data

I deleted the post, custom post field included. Data of the post was delete but the custom post field data was not removed out of the table be_CustomFields. Is there any configuration or set up...

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Broken admin links

Hello, I had BlogEngine.net 3.2 installed by my web host recently, everything was working fine, then when I changed the nameservers to the actual domain name, then the admin links all broke. But...

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Widgets menu broken?

Hi, I've logged into my BlogEngine site today (3.3) and the Widget menu (In the admin dashboard) seems to not be displaying correctly. I cant add/change any Widgets. I seem to be missing: Widge...

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Issues with and IIS / VirtualDir-application

Hi, I just recently upgrade from 2.x to and since, I start having trouble. my BLOG web site (hosted internally on IIS 7.5) is located at http://blog.domain.com... Using this URL , eve...

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How can the IP address from comments and notification be removed without breaking the blog?

We are currently trying to upgrade to the latest version, but we would like to remove the IP address from the comment post and the new comment notification. Basically we'd like the comments to be c...

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Getting could not find 'C:\inetpub\MyWebsite\setup\upgrade\backup\be\setup\SQLServer\SQLServerWeb.Config'.

Getting could not find file 'C:\inetpub\MyWebsite\setup\upgrade\backup\be\setup\SQLServer\SQLServerWeb.Config' during Upgrade. Running upgrade from to 3.2 on Win Server 2012.

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Server Error in '/' Application

** Update, this has been resolved. My host had to have made a change with out my knowledge as I dd not make any changes myself. Everything works fine locally, but I am getting a server error on ...

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Getting issue Could not load file or assembly 'BlogEngine.Core'

Hi I am facing issue with my blogEngine.net 3.2 version. This blog is set up as a virtual directory . When I tried to access blog admin panel e.g. 'www.websitename.com/blog/admin' then it will sh...

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