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Question on support for creating/editing pages in WLW

Topics: Business Logic Layer
Dec 12, 2007 at 11:40 PM
I noticed on the project homepage the item listed on the 12/07 post of:

Updated Metaweblog API including support for creating/editing pages in WLW.

With this ability are you enabling any of the following on pages:
  • author
  • comments (this has been discussed but I'm not seeing it implemented in the latest build)
  • tags
  • notifications

One of the things I am hoping to do, since our moderators are quite happy in using WLW, is be able to make a post a page. Currently on the post admin links I have added a link of "Make Page" which converts the post into a page, adds it to the current Pages list and opens it in the Pages admin section for any modifications such as adding a parent, setting whether it is listed in the navigation, etc.

What I am going to add is appending to the post a notice that this information has now been added as a permenant page with a link to the new page URI, disable (and possibly delete if comments are on pages) comments for the specific post with all tags, comments, categories, notifications being moved to the new page. For us this automates the process of moving useful information that has been entered as a post to the navigation for the site without having to maintain two separate contents and comment threads. The only problem I am seeing right now is perhaps the ability to "blacklist" these "dead" posts from the site search so that only the current information is searchable.

What it comes down to is how much am I going to have to modify myself. As you are enabling pages to be added and edited through WLW, are you going to be adding any other elements to the page that can be copied over from the post elements?

Other than that the work you guys have put into this project is fantastic and I can't wait for the 1.3 release.