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WLW - different capabilities between offline and online blog

Mar 28, 2010 at 6:40 AM

I've been testing out Windows Live Writer with my blog while it was in development and had full use of all features - I could add new categories and tags, define a slug and description, whether to allow comments, etc.

But now that my site is online, I can't do any of these!  My online site is exactly the same as my offline site - I'm just accessing it using my web address rather than localhost.  Could it be a firewall issue?

I should point out that the online site is running on a different computer, but the files are identical to those on my offline (dev) site.

Anyone got any ideas?

Apr 23, 2010 at 6:32 AM

Just as a follow up, I've been looking into this again today and found something which could be useful.

In WLW, under the selected account in the top-right corner, there are two options: "View blog" and "Manage blog".  On my local (development) blog, these links say "View your blog" and "Manage your blog" - on my 'remote' blog (remember, the same blog just on another computer) it does not show as 'my' blog.

Could this be linked to the different reported capabilities of the two blogs?

Apr 23, 2010 at 11:09 AM

A couple of things to check.

In the root of your blog, there's a file named wlwmanifest.xml.  In there, you'll see "View your blog" and "Manage your blog".  I would check and make sure the same XML file is on your local machine and on the live server.

Secondly, in WLW, if you go to Tools -> Accounts, you probably have at least 2 accounts setup -- one for localhost and one for the production site.  For each one, double click on the account (or single click, and click the 'Edit...' button).   On the 'Account' tab (the first one selected), you'll see a "Configuration" area with read-only values.  I would compare the "Provider" you see for both of your accounts.  For my account, the provider is "BlogEngine.NET".  Another possible provider is "Metaweblog API".  The provider is determined based on how you initially setup your account within WLW.  Different providers can have different results.

When adding a new account in WLW, I select "Other blog service" on the first dialog window, and then enter my blog's homepage URL in the "Web address of your blog".  You might have included "metaweblog.axd" at the end of the URL, but this should probably be avoided -- unless metaweblog is the one that is working for you on localhost, then that would be the better one to use.

Apr 23, 2010 at 1:40 PM

Turned out to be that wlwmanifest.xml file - I copied it to my production site and refreshed the config in WLW, and it sorted it :)  Otherwise, everything was as expected - both local and remote are showing BlogEngine.NET as the provider and all is working well!

Thanks again, BenAmada! :)