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Moving to a new server, upgrading 1.5 to 1.6

Jun 23, 2010 at 6:07 AM

I'm moving to a new server.  I have a BE on the old server, the new server is hosted by GoDaddy and installs version 1.6.  I want to be able to bring my 1.5 site in it's entirety to the new site.  (Theme, pictures, etc.) 

I've read the threads on migration and it appears from this thread:

That all I would need to do is copy over my App_Data folder and my web.config file and I should have my posts and other information. 

When I've tried this, nothing appears.  I've even deleted the App_Data that comes with the installation and replace it with the App_Data from the old site but the same initial welcome post appears on the blog. 

When I post the theme that I used for my 1.5 site, I end up having an issue with a subdomain appearing on links as well.  The site itself is now a subdomain of a different site.  (I.E.  We have it set in the GoDaddy system that resolves as an alias to  When I go to click on a link in my BE install using my theme from 1.5, the links change to (for example with the Home link)  How do I correct that as well?

Sorry if these seem like newbie questions.  I've been working on it for six hours and am completely frustrated.