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Question about Page.Serving handling

Topics: Business Logic Layer
Jul 7, 2010 at 3:45 PM
I want to add random text to each post shown on a page on my blog. I have experimented with the Page.Serving event with regard to this and my code seems almost to do what I want, just that it pretty much shows the same text for each blog entry. I am using a random between 1-10 to display the text. On the first call of my blog after modification of the code, 2 different text's are generated. For example: Page: - blog item 1 generates random text 3 - blog item 2 generates random text 6 - blog item 3 generates random text 6 - blog item 4 generates random text 6 - blog item 5 generates random text 6 A refresh of the page generates a different text for the first post and the same text is repeated in all the other posts, so if 'Blog item 1' has generated 'random text 3', all other 4 items on the page have the same 'random text 3'. Can someone explain this behaviour? Thank in Advance!