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Blogengine 1.6.1 comments submissions stuck saving comments Specifically on IE8

Topics: ASP.NET 2.0, Controls
Jul 20, 2010 at 5:19 PM

Hi All,

i know this problem has been documented before,
i've already followed several but they were not the same versions so many of the leads turned cold.
what i am running:

IIS on winserver 2003 2.0
Blogengine 1.6.1
Data stored on XML
Site address:
Type of Web setup: this is a root site not a virtual directory

IE 8 unable to post comments. works on Chrome and Mozilla.
Preview cannot load (when you enter comment and switch to preview same loading splash img loads and get stuck

Trouble Shooting thus far:
1) I've checked for Legacy xml compliance issue on web.config it isnt there probably as it's 1.6.1
2) tested js.axd (it pushes the blog.js files down) and ensured that the IIS does not require verify existance of axd and aspx files
3) i've also forced the blog.js into the site.master too just to be sure
4) suspecting that it could be a theme issue i also changed the theme to a default one just to try it out
5) i've disabled akistmet and recaptcha

i'm already so tempted to write the function manually XD but i was thinking 'wait what if a new version comes out and my wife wants this new version?!?!?' O.o


Jul 20, 2010 at 10:39 PM
Edited Jul 20, 2010 at 10:47 PM

I checked out your website and was able to reproduce the problem in IE.  The problem appears to have to do with invalid HTML markup.  When there's invalid markup, each browser may parse and interpret the HTML differently.

The problem specifically is that when you post a comment (or just do a Preview), the <input> fields in the <form> tag get posted to the server.  One of these <input> fields is __EVENTVALIDATION.  This field needs to get posted to the server.  Only the <input> tags within the <form> tag get posted to the server.  The __EVENTVALIDATION input is (or should be) included in the <form> tag.  Because of the invalid HTML, when IE parses the page, it's showing __EVENTVALIDATION (and a bunch of other elements) as being outside the <form> tag.  Firefox shows all these elements inside the <form> tag.

One of your recent posts (the one I tested with) is showing 38 validation errors.  Some errors don't cause noticeable problems, but in this case, it is causing problems.

If I try temporarily using the Standard theme on your site (via this URL), the same problem exists.  So the invalid markup is not coming from your theme.  But is probably coming from the markup from a widget, or extension or maybe even from one of the several external scripts your site is referencing.

EDIT:  Wanted to add that if the invalid HTML is being introduced through markup injected by a script, this won't be reported in the validation report.  The W3C validator only looks at the original markup, and not any modifications made to the DOM via script.