Feed issues after editting post?

Feb 26, 2008 at 5:41 PM
I am noticing some strange results when I edit a post. I end up getting duplicate feed entries in my feed reader. However, the links in the feed don't work anymore. Has anyone seen this before?

I am curious if it has something to do with my installation. I have BE installed as a subdomain of another domain. I then map the domain name for my blog to the subdomain. For example. my hosting plan is at http://www.myhost.com. BE is installed at http://www.myhost.com/be. My blog has a domain name http://www.myblog.com which I mapped to www.myhost.com/be. Does anyone know if this could cause any issues?

For the most part, everything is working fine. Occasionally though, my links get a little screwy. Instead of showing up as www.myblog.com they show up as www.myhost.com. I think this is because the AbsoluteWebRoot property is getting set incorrectly. If I restart my app and force a request for www.myblog.com, everything works well. I have no idea why the property is getting set incorrectly unless someone is requesting my blog via www.myhost.com/be. I don't ever publish this though so this should be unlikely (I hope).

Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.