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Trying to use my own masterpages with

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Mar 17, 2008 at 11:19 PM
Edited Mar 17, 2008 at 11:46 PM
I've noticed some discussions about using the BE base page class to get new pages into the site. I've also seen some (technical) discussion about intergrating themes/masterpages, however, that deals with the source code. I am using the web files (using VWE 2008). This, of course, may be the rub, and I'll have to figure out how to slip a VS purchase into our budget somehow. But let me ask anyway.

I like some of the features of apart from the blog (some of the extensions, like latest posts, the ratings system, categories, etc.) and would like to integrate them into my site, and then use the full functionality of for the blog. I'd rather avoid this scenario:

1) Create a subapp for :(
2) Have an App_them folder for my modified themes for my existing ite, and then keeping the existing "themes" folder from for the blog. :(
2) Not use some of the controls in my existing site. :(
3) Not be able to use the functionality in my masterpages (held in the main root, and then five subfolders (each having their own masterpages)). :(
4) Create pages using the base page class but without being able to have varying pages for my different subfolders. :(

I would rather:
1) Keep my existing site, import the changes to a theme I like into my site's App_Themes folder and keep using my existing masterpages (held in the main root, and then five subfolders (each having their own masterpage)). :)
2) Put in the root and use the themes I modified. :)
2) Use the blog using a "blog.aspx" page. :)
3) Use the controls I like (not necessarily the full blog) in any of my masterpages. :)

I need the extra masterpages because each one has different panels, depending on the subfolder the user is in. I'm no pro, so trying to figure out some dynamic thing is a bit beyond my time (and budget). I could get it done, but it would be the year 2013, Elliot Spitzer's escort bill would rival the national debt, Barack and Hillary would have two twin love children called Hillarack and Barry, and would be 10 versions ahead and boy the upgrade would probably be a pain. ;)

Any ideas? All advice is appreciated.