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Use of more feature rich editor

Mar 13, 2011 at 2:20 AM

I have been using BE for a little while and I like it.  It is simple and allows me to deploy where I don't need to have a database (or want to).  I like the ability to create pages as I need as well with the simple CMS.  It would be nice if the editor were a little more feature rich -- i.e I wanted to add a table to a page today and ended up doing it by hand in html.  Not a problem, but another CMS uses one that I played for a few minutes that I liked -- CKEditor (


Not sure how to make feature requests -- but here are mine:

* CKEditor (or other more feature rich editor)

* ability to copy an existing page to a new page

* ability to have BE recognize that new page files are present or to manually tell BE to reload (nice if you use another server to author pages and then transfer the files, currently requires iisreset to get them recognized)