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Help Me Understand The /App_Data Folder

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Jun 11, 2011 at 6:02 AM

I'm not using a database for my site; my understanding is everything is saved as XML files on the webserver.  I've had a few problems where I couldn't do what I wanted to do through the Admin UI so I've modified the .XML file directly.

I've seen very, very odd behavior.  I know that's not a supported/recommended thing to do; but I'm wondering if someone can tell me why it happens.  For example; I had a Textbox widget but I wanted to put HTML in it.  The code I pasted in was modified by the widget and rended it non-functional.  I found the .XML file the widget created and I edited it directly and it worked great.  But then, after I'd visted the page a few times, I made another change to the .XML file and that change was not reflected in the site when I visited it.  It's almost like it was cached or copied.  There was only one XML file so I'm confident it was the correct one.

I've had a similar problem modifying the HTML in a 'page'.

Is there another place I need to edit or check or something I need to reset.  I'm not really sure how I've resolved these, it seems to resynch itself after a while and then it works.  But it's confusing and weird.

Jun 11, 2011 at 5:58 PM

Most of the objects cached, and if you make manual change it gets out of sync with cached version, that's why you see odd behaviors. If you really need to make change to XML file:

1. Change and save XML.

2. Recycle IIS to sync XML with cache.

If you on hosting server and can't recycle IIS, you can make a small change to web.config (add a blank space to comment for example) and IIS will recycle automatically.