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View Counter with Reporting

Topics: Business Logic Layer, Controls
Jul 13, 2011 at 7:21 AM

Hey Guys \ Ladies

I had a few spare hours the last couple days and wanted to make a view counter that tracks views for posts and pages. However I wanted to add some control and some reporting, I came up with this pluging (which quickly went from 1.0-2.1 very quickly) which has quite afew unique features.

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Some of the cool features.

  1. Tracks all views for Posts and pages
  2. Tracks seperately for each blog instance (multi blog support)
  3. Display options to show Unique \ All Views
  4. Select whether to track only when the post \ page is in Full view mode or any mode.
  5. Adds a view counter to the bottom of the page, that is quite easy to style using simple style sheets
  6. Full reporting service
    1. Reporting service runs as a HTTP Handler that gets automatically loaded into the site's web.config on load of the extension (just the first time)
    2. The handler has two modes, grouped display or individual item display
    3. The handler will output the HTML into your Theme and does not use any additional style sheets.
    4. Security framework implemented to force non-authenticated users out

I have this currently running on my blog now and have a full page \ post write up on this extension.

Hope some one enjoys this.