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BlogEngine Gallery Wish List

Jul 14, 2011 at 1:59 AM

Hello BE Team;

I have been playing with the Gallery alot these days uploading extensions etc. 

I have come up with a short wish list for possible changes.

  1. Increase the time-out for sessions, its getting annoying that my session is expiring every two minutes
  2. Add a remember me feature
  3. Better version tracking. 
    1. Allow single version update click. This means from the contribution select "Add version" which will promote you with a page to upload a new version, with all the previous version text, screen shots etc added"
    2. Allow for a Change log with each version as a version is typically fixes to problems found or additional features. It would be very helpful if you could just click a "view change log" and up comes a log of the changes for that version"
  4. Investigate the time-out issues, I am not sure how this system saves packages but seems there are application restarts that keep happening and it appears to be on upload \ delete of packages. Are the packages saved into the working directories? If so may want to put them outside working directories and stream the packages via a HTTP handler. 

Those are a few of the wishlist items. 

Keep up the great work guys!

Cheers. Nico