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My BlogEngine.NET Extensions: Cross-Post to LJ, Slug Transliterator and Inline Tags

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May 8, 2008 at 7:04 AM

It seems that Extensions page isn't updated very often so I decided to post links to my extensions here. Maybe someone is looking for something like this and will find these helpful.

1. Cross-Post to LiveJournal
This extension cross-posts your BE.NET posts to your LiveJournal blog
Details and download:

2. Slug Transliterator
When you write a post in non-latin alphabet you get an automatically generated slug looking something like this "d09fd180d0b8d0b2d0b5d1822c-d0bcd0b8d180!". This is not better than GUID (probably even worser). So SlugTransliterator could help you turn that slug into readable version. In this case "Privet--mir!".
Details and download:

3. In-line Tags
Using this extension you can attach tags to your post even if your client application or service doesn't support tags.
Details and download:

Hope this helps someone.

Best regards,