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BE Gallery - YouTube Vimeo Extension

Topics: Controls
Sep 26, 2011 at 2:48 AM

Hi Folks, 

Firstly, apologies to those who have downloaded the YouTube Vimeo Player from the gallery and may have experienced problems. When I first wrote this extension the main focus was on using it with the TinyMCE editor and hence provided a TinyMCE plugin to make life easy for usage.

I recently started using Windows Live Writer and realised there were problems. I've now rewritten this and I think that it works well with both. 

The extension allows you to insert both YouTube and Vimeo as stand alone videos or to make video galleries with auto generated thumbnails of both video types that can be selected to play in the video viewer, which then fetches and displays original video description from source. 

I will be uploading the revised version to the BE gallery tomorrow. The code is now cleaner, easier to use and more efficient. I'm using this on my site at the moment. 

For video galleries, the latest version will by default choose videos at random from each gallery list to display in the viewer on page load unless a specific video is specified. The purpose being to keep the page fresh or to highlight a specific video. 

I have some time at the moment and could accommodate any feedback, installation problems, feature requests etc. This works for me, but I'd like it to work for you ( I don't get paid for this, but I'd like to share). 

I still recommend the TinyMCE plugin as it pretty much fetches the videos for you and makes adding and editing videos a breeze, but things now work quite well with Windows Live Writer as well and having options is a good thing.