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URL Re-writing with Patterns

Oct 31, 2011 at 1:09 AM

Hello all,

I am looking for a way to do URL re-writing with patterns.

Basically a "Find" and "Replace" method of URL re-writing.

Currently with the SEO Redirection Extension this is not possible.

I tried getting the

Extension to work but with no luck.

Discussion Here

I also email the creator of the extension didn't hear anything back yet, and got no replies to the discussion above,

so trying another post.


This is the URL I am trying to re-write:

Old URL:

New URL:

The Red needs to be taken out and the Green needs to be added to the url.

So I need to do 3 Find and Replace

Find  "blog"   and delete it

Find "javascript" [Or any folder thats in this position] and replace it with "post"

Find "/" and replace it with ".aspx"

Need to do this to about 120 posts.

Trying to avoid putting in manually 120 URLs for the SEO Redirection Extension but looks like what I might have to do soon if

I can't solve this problem.

Please help if you can


Brian Davis

Java Blog