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cannot save post in New Blog: URL Issues

Topics: Controls
Nov 2, 2011 at 1:48 AM

Hello Team,

Today I've deployed a fresh installation of the 2.5 version. When I run the application from my local IIS, its working properly.

I've created a sub domain( and copied all the files in the wwwroot folder in host environment. I can create new posts and edit them in root level blog site. But when I create a new blog with Test1, the url is coming as When I login as admin account and edit the post in Test1 Blog, HTML editor controls are not visible in the edit mode. I can not save the post also, as its throwing some javascript error on submit.

error: 'tinyMCE' is undefined.

And in the login page of the new blog, the logo of the BE is broken. I think its not able to pull images and HTML editor control from root blog site.

Network services is having read and write permissions on all the floders in the application.

Can you please help me fix the issues. Same build is working fine in the local IIS 7.0.