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Suggestion: Add to BE a cuztomized fields mechanism

Dec 8, 2011 at 11:50 PM


What I am suggestion is to make the article page customized so that if a user would like to enter in his article customized fields it can be done easily without modifying code.

For example lets say someonw open new blogengine website of lyrics, and he would like to insert the song name, song album title, band and so on, he could do this.

So, what do I suggest is the implementetion Idea.

My idea of implementing such is to use SQLMetal tool. so whenever a user would like to add a new customized field all he has to so is to enter a new field in his database, and run SQLMetal.EXE to create the new data context. the new files created by sqlmetal will be replaced by the old ones...and thats it.

next time a user will need to access his new fields, all he needs to do is just call the datacontext that point to the new customized fiels.


This behaviour will force you to make changes in all of the DAL layer, I guess the creator of blogengine will now much better what it should take to implemnent such, but for my opinion it is very easy to work with a data context to create LINQ querues easily....



What do you think?