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Adding menu items in Master Page of Indigo theme

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Dec 27, 2011 at 5:44 PM

Dear all,

I decided to setup my own site/blog and as almost a natural choice (for a .net developer) I set on this great piece of software what BlogEngine.NET is. I like the Indigo theme so I added the theme and everything went well. As first thing, I liked to personalize the header menu, by adding an item and setting the link for it. But hey, there is nothing in that master page that reefers to the menu! I tried to explore the code to see if I can find the point where the menu is set but I was unsuccessful. Can someone point me where to find the point in the code where menu is constructed?


Dec 27, 2011 at 6:00 PM

Sorry it is interlude theme, I made some confusion and it uses the Control  blog:PageMenu. Now I will edit that control, seems an straight forward and easy task.


Dec 27, 2011 at 7:16 PM

You might want to take a look at the


It gives you lots of control over your pages and links in your menu's.

Also has Widget Support too.

Take a look at this screenshot:

New Fields for Page

PageLinkMenu Widget Edit

PageLinkMenu Actual Widget

All you do is set the widget to filter by your "Menu" field and it lists it in the order of your "Sort" field.