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ColorBox Plugin Does not like Google Map Control

Dec 29, 2011 at 2:31 AM

Hi All!

On Admin Control Panel, there is a "Posts" tab where you can add/edit post. The name of the page is Add_entry.aspx. On this page are 3 hyperlink buttons which when clicked bring up a pop-up dialog box.

I was able to add my 4th button and clicking on my button shows my pop-up box. In my pop-up box (which is really a div with a style of "overlaypanel"), I put a custom control that displays a Google Map.

My bug is that when a user clicks on the Google Map, the OnMapClicked event is not getting fired.

To isolate the issue I put the same Google Map control on a new Admin Control Panel tab and I click on the Google Map and I get a pin (the OnMapClicked event fired).

So it looks like the Google Map control does not like it being hosted on the pop-up dialog box which is handled in ../jquery.colorbox.js javascript

Is there anything about this colorbox plugin that prevents the OnMapClicked event from firing?


Dec 29, 2011 at 9:47 AM

When Colorbox opens up, it moves all of its content to a DIV that is a child of the <body> tag (a lot of other overlay windows such as Fancybox, jQuery UI Dialog and others work similarly).  It could be that when that content is moved to the BODY tag, it's interfering with Google Maps.

Maybe you can find an answer in one of these threads...