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Serious Issues with HTML editor

Jul 22, 2008 at 8:12 PM
I am having problems using the HTML editor. It is not behaving as I would expect. Let me list the problems:
  • If I attempt to edit a entry when the HTML editor is set to default, when the editor loads, nothing is displayed. To fix this I have to set default to non-html go back to the main page and re-edit the page.
  • If I attempt to save an entry when the HTML editor is displayed, the entered data is often not saved
  • When editing into the HTML editor, there is no way to add newlines. Everything is force on one line and when I press enter, the upload button is invoked
  • When pasting into the HTML editor, only the first line gets pasted and everything after the first break is discarded.

I have tried Firefox and IE7 both with the same results. I am currently running BE v in a godaddy hosting account.

Please help!!!