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BlogEngine 2.5 - Fresh Installation - can't edit/change settings/etc

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Feb 20, 2012 at 7:37 AM

Hi guys,

I'm trying to install a new BlogEngine on a server.

I followed all the instruction and in fact the blog start up with out anyproblem.

I can login as admin, I can change password, I can comment a blog, authorize it or now...but ANY OTHER operation doesn't work.

Starting from the more easy that could be try to change the Post Name to any page inside the administrator ...when I click on "save" the system doesn't do anything...and of course if I change page and come back the text are back to the default one!

I noticed that if i go in the "pages" section after loading the first information, in the middel of the page where it should load the list of pages created (where the Exmpale page generlly should be) it doesn't show doesn't draw the table :(

Giving a look at the code, on my opinion, seems that all the javascript about the ajax command are not loaded :(

I have the pages hosted ad "Maximumasp"...using my IIS panel control (I have II6 with .net 4.0) I gave the write permissione to the APP_data directory and as I read in the troubleshooting that with "WebHost4Life" you shuold give to the user Network Service the Full Control I made this change done for me to the hosting but nothing change :(

I noticed this: as I have multiple domain on this server and I Map the directory to a subdirectory using a virtual directory function, looking at the page code it refer to the "real" path of the directory for including java script or so on...but if I cut&paste these address to the browser it indiferent download the .js so seems that this cuold give him anyproblem...

Please anyone has any idea to what to check?

Thank you



Feb 20, 2012 at 9:25 PM

Hi Guys,

I found out the solution but it's not nice and I need to know if someone can help me to found out another one or more nice.

So, what I found out is that my hosting provider use a virtualdirectory dll  that allow me to host different domain on the same IP and this dll match the name of the domain with the directory of the domain, for example I can say:    MAP to   \mydomain\testsite    MAP to \mydomain\acme

so when someone search for the system doesn't show my IP /testsite ( example: but the domain serched.

So if I call the blog using the syntax: IP/blog  then ALL WORKS FINE the ajax works without problem....while if I call the than work eveerything but the ajax call.

The funny thing is that calling the same page with the IP/blog or domain/blog and comparing the two pages are identical other than in one there is the Ip/blog as reffering to load the javascript and in the other acme/blog (the ip is replaced by the name I gave)...

So as cut & past the javascript reference to the browser it open the .js without problem (so it doesn't seems a link not found problem) seems more about a property o secuirty thing related to the page.

What I ask is:

as I looked at the page and I see that it refer to some system variabile where it recall the name of the home directory (that in the webconfig file is ~/ ) is there a way to setup for fix that the root is the IP address / directory (what I think is that if I could force the name of the root perhpas I could solve the problem?)

Thank you if you have any idea..