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Make primary blog into childblog?

Topics: Business Logic Layer
Mar 17, 2012 at 9:34 PM


I have a current personal blog that I have some contents in. Now with the possibility to have multiple blogson the same site, I'd like to set up a primary family blog and then make a child blog for each family member.

Is there a way to swap the primary blog with a child blog? or do I have to export my contents and rebuild the blog structure and import the contents again? (I assume one can import contents to a child blog)

Does it really matter which blog is the parent and which is the child ? I mean they don't link to each other unless you make a link/page in the theme? What is the main differences between the parent and the child - feature wise ? 

Thanks in advance


Mar 18, 2012 at 2:37 AM

The parent and child blogs are about the same.  The main difference is in the control panel of the parent blog, you are able to administer the child blogs via the "Blogs" tab (this tab doesn't appear for child blogs).

On the Blogs tab, for the primary and child blogs, you can edit each one and change the Virtual Path, and optionally the Host Name if you are using subdomains.  So right now the parent blog probably has a Virtual Path of ~/ and if you have a child blog, it probably has a virtual path such as ~/child1.  If you want to give the parent blog a different path, you could do that here ... without making any changes to the blog structure.  It may be needed however to assign one of the blogs (either the parent or child blog) a Virtual Path of ~/ so if someone visits your site without any path, something will pull up for them.