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Can't find brush after 2.6 upgrade

Jun 8, 2012 at 9:11 PM

I confirmed that the brushes I am using (powershell or ps) are active.  Viewing the page source regardless of the theme being used, it don't see the shCore.js or other brush <scripts> being included.  Viewing the extension source, it appears to be correctly including brushes scripts, bu

Jun 10, 2012 at 7:38 AM

Brushes added to bundled scripts to minimize size and number of requests. You'll find included brushes in scripts/js or scripts/jsauth (for authenticated users).

Jun 13, 2012 at 3:34 AM

Looks like shInit.js does not have a entry for powershell in the 2.6 source.  I added the following and no more issues:

SyntaxHighlighter.autoloader.apply(null, path(
	'applescript            @shBrushAppleScript.js',
	'actionscript3 as3      @shBrushAS3.js',
	'bash shell             @shBrushBash.js',
	'coldfusion cf          @shBrushColdFusion.js',
	'cpp c                  @shBrushCpp.js',
	'c# c-sharp csharp      @shBrushCSharp.js',
	'css                    @shBrushCss.js',
	'delphi pascal          @shBrushDelphi.js',
	'diff patch pas         @shBrushDiff.js',
	'erl erlang             @shBrushErlang.js',
    'f# f-sharp fsharp      @shBrushFSharp.js',
	'groovy                 @shBrushGroovy.js',
	'java                   @shBrushJava.js',
	'jfx javafx             @shBrushJavaFX.js',
	'js jscript javascript  @shBrushJScript.js',
	'perl pl                @shBrushPerl.js',
	'php                    @shBrushPhp.js',
	'text plain             @shBrushPlain.js',
    'powershell ps          @shBrushPowerShell.js',
	'py python              @shBrushPython.js',
	'ruby rails ror rb      @shBrushRuby.js',
	'sass scss              @shBrushSass.js',
	'scala                  @shBrushScala.js',
	'sql                    @shBrushSql.js',
	'vb vbnet               @shBrushVb.js',
	'xml xhtml xslt html    @shBrushXml.js'