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New Theme for - StableStart

Oct 20, 2008 at 10:43 PM
I have created a new theme for BlogEngine.Net. The theme can be found at I would love to hear any feedback. This theme was designed to be used with BlogEngine and the widget bar.
Oct 21, 2008 at 2:48 PM

Actually I’m using your theme. I altered it a bit, but I chose it because it had some basic features that I was looking for, namely the horizontal layout. I already had a website that I had put BlogEngine in and so there was a look or style that I was trying to match. As the website was / is a work in progress, after getting the theme in place and adapted I realized that the whole matching business would be better served if I could extend some of the BlogEngine features throughout the entire site such as the side bar. Also the rest of the site uses a lot of nested div’s to create rounded corners but now that the blog is up I think I will forgo the rounded corners and instead set them up the way the blog turned out. It looks as though the overall look and feel of the site will end up being a blending of what I had to start with and what I got from adapting your theme. Everything will meet somewhere in the middle.


The one snag I have run into is that I need to add new pages that use the BlogEngine code to make the sidebar and replace the content area with the other content found on the site. I suspect that this will mean multiple site.master pages or perhaps some hierarchal means of overriding certain elements of the site.master file. I don’t really know because I don’t have too firm a grasp of C# and ASP.


I posted here yesterday asking about this but it seems that I may be asking for something that isn’t easily done because there haven’t been any replies.


My implementation of your theme is at…



BTW I’m still tweaking things on the site and on the blog. I have to do this stuff in the breaks between life’s other intrusions like work, family etc.


Thanks for your time and work on this theme. It is by following others that share their work that I am able to learn what I do.