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Posts taking hours to appear on site

Topics: ASP.NET 2.0, Business Logic Layer
Sep 13, 2012 at 8:29 PM

Hello all,

I have been having an irritating issue with me site

When i first deployed the site it was set to use the default XML to store all my posts.  I noticed after several posts and looking at my site through my phone that the newer posts were not there.  So i used my wifes phone, same thing, then logged onto my work PC and checked and the posts were not there.

I thought to myself this may be do to my host.  They claim to be hosting my site on several server nodes at the same time and I thought seeing how all the data was stored in a newly created XML file that it may be taking time to propagate out to all the servers. Sure enough several hours later my posts showed up on the blog.

The wait really wasn't acceptable so I decided to use mySQL to store the blog data instead of XML.  My thinking was there would only be one mySQL DB and no matter the node that the site was on it would look at the same SQL DB.

After painfully moving from XML files to mySQL records I redeployed the site now using mySQL and went to make a new post.  

Needless to say, on the machine I made the post on everything worked.  I could open any browser navigate to the site and see my new post.  I then grab my phone and go to the site and the post was NOT there.

I am then left scratching my head.  I logged into work, used my wifes phone etc... but still nothing.  The post was not there.  I logged in to the site and went to posts and it was NOT in my posts either.  

I logged into godaddy and manually looked into my mySQL DB and I DID see the post in the DB.

Several hours later my post did appear on the site.

I would like to admit that I am very confused and am having a hard time figuring out why my posts are taking hours in some cases to show up on my new blog.  

I use other data driven apps hosted on the same hosting platform and the data always appears immediately.  

Any help would be very appreciated.