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Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED): Unknown error. associated with PostView extension

Topics: Business Logic Layer, Controls, Themes
Oct 31, 2012 at 4:38 AM

I've received the following error randomly for the life of my blog.

Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED): Unknown error.

Today I tried to visit my blog and I consistently received the error.  I was able to log into the admin sections and I went to advanced settings and turned off HTTP compression.  This allowed me to view the blog but with an error message.  The stack trace mentioned PostView so I disabled the extension and the error went away.

I've had trouble squashing this bug so I decided to share my discovery.

I tried to visit the author's blog, however, their blog fails with the same error!

I hope this helps.

Buddy James