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Right Navigation Menu Hangs when coComments is enabled

Topics: Business Logic Layer
Jun 19, 2013 at 10:52 PM
I'm using 2.7 on a W2k3 server...

I apologize if this has already been brought to light, but I googled for a while before deciding to post this.

My symptom is, the home page loads fast, but when I go into the individual post pages where the comments are displayed, the right side menu is extremely slow to load (10-20 seconds).

After process of elimination (including going back to the original theme), I figured out it's the "Enable coComments" option. If it's enabled, the right menu hangs (even if there are no comments), if it's disabled, it's fast again.

I don't need this option, but just thought I'd post it in case anyone else is having this issue. If I can be of help fixing it, let me know. Thanks.