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AD Authentication

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Sep 30, 2013 at 3:30 PM
Please forgive me as I know this has been discussed before...

Environment is IIS 8.0 / ASP.NET 4.5

I have the AD provider working correctly and I am able to login using my AD credentials.

I am not however able to by-pass the login page. I have read multiple posts of setting the Authentication to Windows, Turning on impersonation, etc... All this is currently in place... I have also done the same from IIS. I am not sure about the difference between IIS 7.* and 8 and if I need to mess with a few more settings.

The system goes to the login page every-time. Once I am logged in I have all of my AD profile information.

One interesting thing to note is that if I use .NET 4.5 Classic App Pool I get a Windows Login page. Once I login I then am taken to the BlogEngine Login page. If I use the DefaultAppPool, I do not see the Window Login Page, but I do see the BlogEngine Login.

If someone could take a few minutes to shoot me a few things I could look at it would be most greatly appreciated.

Would be happy to send screen shots / web.config info
Oct 1, 2013 at 3:20 PM
Checking Identity value might help;

IIS--> App Pools --> Right Click --> Advanced Settings --> Identity field under process model.
If they are different, that could cause different behavior.

Also one application pool might be working in integrated mode, the other might be in classical mode. (managed pipeline mode value)