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BE as Marketing Email Success Ratio Counter

Apr 24, 2009 at 2:31 AM
Hi Guys!

I'm sorry for pushing the functionality of BE too far but I'm desperate. My BE is XML based and does not use SQL Server.
1. I send out this marketing e-mails to clients on a regular basis.
2. I want to track who opens the e-mail which is HTML format.
3. On the body of the e-mail is a URL to a BE page passing the customer e-mail address. Each e-mail is unique.

So here is the question: what can I do in in my BE so that I can record who actually opened the e-mail? After all, I embedded a link to my BE page with the customer's e-mail address. What code do I write to log those e-mail addresses without SQL Server database?

Any ideas would be appreciated, not necessarily code. Thanks!

Apr 24, 2009 at 9:03 AM
Hi ArtisticPinoy,

if had to accomplish such a task I would turn to the process that creates the .aspx page that holds a blog entry. If I understand correctly, BE creates a seperate page for each entry. If this is indeed correct, then you can alter the process to included a parameter extraction from the calling URL and log that parameter (email) into an XML file. The XML file can be placed into the App_Code folder.

On second thought another approach is to encapsulate the check for a specific paramateter into the URL, into an HttpModule. This seems a more solid solution as it can be posted as an add-on to the application and you wouldn't have to touch any of the current processes. An entry into the web.config would be sufficient to expand the stack.