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How do I install extensions and themes manually: where to put the extra NuGet stuff that comes with the download?

Topics: Controls, Themes
Apr 27, 2014 at 5:50 AM
Hello all,
I'm having to install a bunch of extensions into my blog manually simply due to the fact that I'm blind and there is an accessibility issue (documented in an issue here on this site as well) preventing the "install" button on the themes and extensions page from being activated by a keypress, so as a result, I'm having to actually download the files and place them into the folders manually until this is fixed. I'm wondering. I know that everything goes under app_code, and then the folders that have names in the extensions directories go in the corresponding directories under the blog root; content goes under content, for instance. What about all of the NuGet stuff that you get with it when manually downloading from the gallery? I noticed an _rels folder, and a nuspec file. What to do with those? Thanks. And actually, when there are folders in the extension that have the same names as the blog root folders, do you copy the folder, or the files inside? Thanks.