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Contact form attachment required field?

Topics: Controls
Sep 23, 2014 at 2:52 AM
Could somebody please help me with this one? I have just installed the latest version of 3.0 and after using the other versions for some time now I have discovered an odd thing with this new version. When I try and use the contact form without "attachments Enabled" or whilst having "Attachments enabled" but not actually attaching anything the form page just reloads and does not send, yet when I add an attachment it send without a problem. Has the attachment field become a required field? If so, how can I remove the required field validator now that I cannot see a contact.aspx.cs file, or if it is not a required filed, can someone explain why it will not send without an attachment?

I have the whole app in full trust mode if that makes a difference.

Your help will be highly appreciated!