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[Poll] Do you still have a need for Web Forms?

Oct 10, 2014 at 3:35 PM
Hi Everyone,

We are in the middle of some exciting times with new features coming to the Asp.Net platform stack!

ASP.NET vNext: the future of .NET on the Server

Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC 6

As with many things in life and also with Microsoft when new things come, old things eventually go away.

So we are now faced with the decision to continue to use Web Forms till Microsoft discontinues it support like Classic ASP or do we go ahead and jump to MVC with Razor Views to benefit from the latest and greatest technologies?

I find the Articles below very useful in explaining the differences between:

Web Forms vs MVC as a Framework

and Web Forms vs Razor as an View Engine

WebForms vs. MVC

Difference Between Razor View Engine and ASPX View Engine

So my question to you is this:

If today BlogEngine.Net was to switch to a Pure MVC with Razor Views web application

How would this effect your use of BlogEngine.Net?
  1. Benefit
  2. Has an negative effect
  3. Don't know?
I hope this topic discussion we can discuss the pros and cons of either approach and clear up any misunderstanding.

Please reply to this post with how this will effect you.


Brian Davis
Oct 10, 2014 at 4:59 PM
I have to mention that none of current themes or widgets will work with MVC views, would require probably complete rewrite. But what really matters is to know how many people rely on custom user controls. If they add functionality using controls, for them it would be a showstopper.
Oct 11, 2014 at 8:11 AM
Hi Rtur,

I know "as-is" if you write an MVC app and just import the BlogEngine.Net code it would not work "as-is", there is a lot of work to get Current BE into a workable pure MVC Web application and would require some rewrites, additional code, and etc to get it working.

The question I was aiming to ask is after all of the "technical" parts are worked out and we have a fully working pure MVC web application version of and some how all of the parts that are currently in BE are fully working in the pure MVC version

Would there be any need for Webforms as a "framework" or as a "view engine" in the MVC version of BlogEngine.Net?

Trying to see if there are any functions that Webforms provide as a Framework or as a View Engine that I am missing that can't be replaced with MVC and Razor?

As far as I know everything from a Web Form Framework and View Engine can be rewritten to function inside of a MVC Framework using Razor as view engine.

Just wanted to confirm this 100% through, so this can be worked out later on down the line.

I am trying to document and map out exactly what is needed for the process of going from Current BE to a pure MVC web application using only MVC Framework with Razor as the view engine :)

Will also share the documents once it is done :)

Goal is to have an Architecture and code base that can work with the main BlogEngine.Net code base so that they are compatible.