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BlogEngine 3.1 in subfolder (not IIS Application, subdirectory only)

Nov 25, 2014 at 3:40 PM
Hi All,
In order to keep a single UI between website and blog, i wanted to add BlogEngine as a subdirectory of my existing Web Application.
I tried to do as some threads say (for 1.x or 2.x BlogEngine version) but i haven't found any hint for 3.x.
I already found a big source of problem (global.asax) with inline code (instead of global.asax + global.asax.cs). I'm actually using the second option.

This is how looks like the hierarchy folder and files of my website:
  • App_GlobalResources (from BE)
  • App_Start (merged the BundleConfig, but i think this is one of the points, for jQuery and so)
  • AppCode (from BE)
  • Blog (moved from BE root : archive.aspx, contact.aspx, default.aspx, error.aspx, error404.aspx, page.aspx, post.aspx and search.aspx, contains also the directories : account, admin, api, content, custom, editors, fonts, modules, pics)
  • Scripts (from BE - and all packages needed)
At this point, the symptoms are :
If there is no clue to do this easily. I'll duplicate controls (webapp + blogengine) to use them in both, or try to use a common dll, but, for authentication, is there a way to log in by a login.aspx page from the main web app, and that the cookie is also used by BlogEngine under ~/blog ? to not have to log me again.

Thanks by advance.
May 8, 2015 at 3:42 PM
See this thread:

MVC turns of webPages by default, which Blog Engine .NET uses. Too bad the error message is so not useful...