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Missing Menu Option in Admin DAshboard

Topics: Business Logic Layer
Jan 27, 2015 at 8:22 PM

I upgraded from 2.9 to on MSSQL, the Blog, Settings & Users Menu Items are missing from the Admin Dashboard after upgrade.

I checked that all options available are checked for the Administrator Group. This did not make any difference.

What are the names for the Roles Needed for the three menu items to Show ??

in admin\views\shared the file _nav.html contains:
<li ng-if="security.showTabBlogs" data-ng-class="{ active: isActive('/blogs')}"><a href="#/blogs">{{lbl.blogs}}</a></li>
<li ng-if="security.showTabUsers" data-ng-class="{ active: isActive('/users')}"><a href="#/users">{{lbl.users}}</a></li>
<li ng-if="security.showTabSettings" data-ng-class="{ active: isActive('/settings')}"><a href="#/settings">{{lbl.settings}}</a></li>

I do have access to both Blog, User & Settings - from the admin widget, just no menu on the dashboard ...

Looking forward to any tips.